Welcome to Afghan Council of Great Britain (ACGB).

ACGB is the first and leading national council of British Afghan community in United Kingdom affiliated with regional public, private and nongovernmental organisations from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As an independent, non-political and non-profit organisation, we represent and protect, the hopes, aspirations and interests of the British Afghan community in the country, ensure full participation of the community in British public life.

We promote consultation, cooperation and collaboration on Afghan affairs in United Kingdom.


  • Serving and giving the British Afghan community a voice in national affairs
  • Encouraging full and participatory role in public life
  • Fighting all forms of discrimination against the community
  • Working for the common good of our society as a whole


  • Equality and diversity as a precondition for coexistence and mutual respect
  • Multiculturalism in the context of celebrating Afghan heritage, traditions and globalised identities in the British society
  • Inclusion as a means to prevent individuals feel alienated and marginalised

national affairs | public participation | social cohesion