Dr Qudrat Ullah, the renowned British Afghan psychiatrist joins Afghan Council as chair for Scotland and Ireland


LONDON: The renowned psychiatrist and one of the most respected personalities of the British Afghan community, Dr Qudrat Ullah has joined the Afghan Council of Great Britain as the chairman for Scotland and Ireland.

Dr Qudrat Ullah is an inspiring healthcare professional, community leader and a real change maker for the British Afghan community, the people of Scotland and Great Britain. He is a consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Qudrat Ullah is the former chairman of Afghan Association of Healthcare Professionals in United Kingdom and has previously been a senior adviser to the Afghan Council of Great Britain. He is a strong advocate for community empowerment, the fight against mental health, access to healthcare and helping Afghanistan build a stronger healthcare system.

Dr Qudrat Ullah

Dr Qudrat Ullah will lead the strategy, activities and campaigns of Afghan Council of Great Britain for Scotland and Ireland both at national and international level. As the chair for Scotland and Ireland, he will also act as senior adviser to the World Afghan Congress and chair of board of advisers for Afghan Council of Great Britain.

“Dr Qudrat Ullah is an asset of the British Afghan community and an ideal personality to represent the community both nationally and globally.”

Professor Abbas Najafi, senior adviser to the Afghan Council of Great Britain said while speaking to Afghan Diaspora Magazine,

He added “traditionally we got old, politically affiliated loyalists of warlords and sometimes racist people self appoint themselves as community leaders. They could not speak English, were uneducated and did not understand the challenges faced by the community in Britain and became barriers to integration, and community’s participation into the public life of the society. Thankfully, that is over now with the youth taking charge.”