ACGB supports sport for peace in Afghanistan


KABUL: Afghan Council of Great Britain and British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) has promised full support after its corporate member MA International Holding (MAIH) Group won the ticketing and services management contract for Afghanistan’s biggest cricket league. 

ACGB and BACCI are firm supporters of sports for peace initiatives in Afghanistan.


And it was the first time that a BACCI corporate member from United Kingdom has won a major sporting contract in Afghanistan and the second time that ACGB and BACCI has promised its support for the promotion and commercialisation of Afghanistan cricket following Afghanistan’s historical match in Lord’s Cricket Ground where BACCI collaborated with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to promote and support the Afghanistan versus MCC cricket match.

In recognition of ACGB and BACCI’s continued support for cricket in Afghanistan, Afghanistan Cricket Board gifted ACGB chairman Dr Hotak with a traditional Afghan carpet presented by Mr Khpalwak, President Ashraf Ghani’s specail advisor.

Traditional Afghan carpet as a gift has a special cultural and commercial meaning in Afghanistan. Carpet manufacturing is a key industry in Afghanistan and employs millions of people.

Dr Hotak thanked Afghanistan Cricket Board for the gift and highlighted the importance of the gift and an important initiative that ACGB and BACCI supports Buy From Afghanistan, where Afghan carpets are a key product used for export.